Our Values

(Definition- It is identifying what is most important in the life of our church and which defines and directs our ministries, influences our actions, our decision making and our budget).

Vibrant Worship

We are committed to have worship experiences that are Holy Spirit inspired, creative and authentic.

Healthy Community

We are committed to nurturing a fellowship that is warm and inviting with small groups a primary means to deepen relationships and to foster caring and sharing.

Bible Based

We are committed to the Word of God as the final authority for faith and practice and it is to be taught/ preached with relevance to every day life.

God Dependent

We are committed to rely on God in private and corporate prayer as we conceive, plan and carry out the mission of the church.

Mobilized Members

We are committed to the nurture the spiritual growth of members so that they are equipped and empowered to obey the Great Commission.

Holistic Family Ministry

We are committed to strengthening individuals and families with especially a strong children and youth program in order to foster health-physically, socially, academically, economically and spiritually.

Community Presence

We are committed to have a visibility that is not just a building but in ministries that impact and make a tangible difference in the immediate community.

Strategic Partnerships

We are committed to network with other churches, organizations and institutions that will enable us to better serve the community to advance the kingdom of God.

Ministry Excellence

We are committed to have a high standard of excellence to the glory of God in our ministries and activities.